They’re back: Murals to return to downtown Edmonds this summer

Some to be refurbished, replaced or removed
By Brian Soergel | Mar 29, 2018
Photo by: Brian Soergel The Edmonds Mural Society’s first installment, from 2009 on Main Street by the fountain, is showing wear and tear. A new mural will replace it.

The murals are returning to Edmonds. But the days are numbered for at least one of them.

“We are definitely in action for getting something done this summer with murals,” said Art Walk Edmonds (AWE) spokeswoman Rachel Dobbins.

AWE has been working for over a year on taking up the mantle of the defunct Edmonds Mural Society, Dobbins said. Revamped and rebranded as the Edmonds Mural Project (EMP), committee members have cataloged and assessed current murals.

They have made suggestions on which ones need to be refurbished, replaced or removed, and have scouted locations for new murals.

“The committee has been discussing a more thoughtful approach,” Dobbins said, “with an emphasis on a diversity of mural types, high quality of artistic skills, and how each mural will fit into the identity of Edmonds.”

As of now, there is no talk of creating murals outside the Bowl. “But it is not off the table,” Dobbins said. “I think this will be an ongoing process as we have the funds.”

The first mural to be erased is on the Main Street side of Sound Styles, which was the first installed: Pat Brier’s “A Day in Edmonds.”

“Its degrading and in poor condition,” Dobbins said. “The vinyl is peeling off, and it can't be restored. The plan is to have it removed and replaced in time for the July 4th parade.”

She added that committee members have narrowed their vision for the wall and will be put out a call for professional muralists soon.

The Edmonds Mural Society was created in 2009 by the husband-and-wife team of Manya Schilperoort and Jeff Stilwell, who run MaJe Gallery on Main Street. They also were the original creators, in 2002, of the third Thursday art walk.

Brier’s mural debuted in September 2009, and murals continued into 2010 with creations by Greg Hartman, Andy Eccleshall, Tracy Kay Fraker and Cheryl Waale. Downtown walls sported new additions for the next four years – 15 total.

Judges awarded one artist with a members’ choice award each year. Two-hundred-plus Edmonds Mural Society members raised funds for the murals.

Mural locations can be found on the Art Walk Edmonds website at The former site for the murals, which is still live, has information but has been hacked with links to adult escort services.

A volunteer board and part-time coordinator run the nonprofit AWE. Throughout the year, it coordinates the monthly art walks and relies on donations from the community to continue each year. The yearly wine walks are AWE’s only fundraiser.

The two annual wine walks, which sold out last year, are July 7 and Aug. 4.


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