There’s no deadline on dissent

May 08, 2014


In your May 1 edition of the Beacon, an Edmonds reader chides those who are still "complaining" about the Five Corners roundabout, assuming those people had not done their "complaining" during the PLANNING process.

I have news for him… I, along with many other Edmonds residents, attended meetings, contacted the City Council and had our letters of dissent published in the Beacon.

It appeared to me from the very beginning those in charge had already made their decision to proceed; the meetings were simply a way to placate the dissenters.

Perhaps I am wrong. I have no way of knowing if the majority of Edmonds residents DID want the roundabout.

What I do know is that as a resident of Edmonds, I have a right and a duty to question any use of my tax dollars that I consider foolish and wasteful… with no deadline for doing so.

Carol M. Wilson


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