The ‘Untold Stories of Two Artists’

Apr 29, 2013
"Outgrown Shoes" by Kari Schertzinger

ArtWorks is proud to announce a one night exhibition featuring lifelong friends Fine Arts Painter Kimi J. Hansen and Fine Arts Photographer Kari Schertzinger.

Their showcase “Untold Stories of Two Artists” is an exciting narrative of their quest to discover who they are as artists from their early pieces to their current works.

The exhibition, located at the 201 2nd Ave. S., Edmonds, WA, is scheduled for Thursday, May 16, from 5 – 9 p.m., with special festivities during the final hour.

The acrylic and oil works of Kimi J. Hansen become lifelike through her blended brushwork and attention to capturing color and texture.

The angles, light composition, texture and details of the black & white and color photographs of Kari Schertzinger evoke discussion and arouse emotion.

Both artists have grown up in north Seattle first meeting in elementary school and sharing their love of art.

When speaking about her work Kimi J. Hansen says “It is my hope that the viewers of my work see the beauty in simplicity and that they are encouraged to slow down, and take note of the small things in life.”

Similarly Kari Schertzinger says “I want viewers to find the beauty in our world that is often overlooked. To take the opportunity for time to slow down and our world to get a little bigger than ourselves as we focus on the details presented in an image.”


"Grandma's Eggbeater" by Kimi J. Hansen
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