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Feb 09, 2018

Longtime vendor: The Taste is not the same as it was

Re: “ ‘Blowing up’ ” the Taste: Major changes in store,” Feb. 1: I participated for 22 years as Scotty’s Northwest.

They’ve run it into the dirt track. Same music, too many food booths and carny food.

That used to be my best festival. Volume has dropped 70 percent. Charging to get in for what?

Same with the Waterfront Festival.

Scotty Huggins


The Taste: Not interested in new home windows or hot tubs

I went (to A Taste of Edmonds) once years ago, was not interested in new home windows or hot tubs.

Never went back; curious to see what changes they make and if it’s a true Taste event.

Alicia Brattin


No more parking tickets – not returning to Edmonds

To the city of Edmonds:

A big rant for the hundreds of $40 parking tickets you gave out during the full day Rick Steves "Test Drive a European Tour Guide” day Saturday, Jan. 27.

This is an annual event put on by one of your biggest businesses in Edmonds, drawing people from all over the metro area, as well as from Canada and around the USA.

It always goes from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. and draws a predominately senior crowd. Edmonds has no public parking garages in the close downtown area.

For you to think you will get hundreds of people who manage to find street parking within a six-block radius of the Steves facility to move every three hours and drive around seeking other parking is ludicrous.

We all came and spent money in your town at restaurants, having two to three meals during the day, shopping in your stores and purchasing tours – all with taxes going to the city of Edmonds.

Again, to think that hundreds of seniors, or anyone for that matter, are going to run to their car every three hours during a 12-hour event and drive around searching for new parking is just stupid.

Shame on the city of Edmonds. I will rethink coming next year and won't be patronizing three different restaurants during my day, as well as the various stores I shop in.

Chris Maxfield


Edmonds Police Chief Al Compaan responds: The city understands parking is limited, with three-hour restricted zones not conducive to an all-day event. I understand the frustration expressed by the letter writer.

The current downtown Edmonds parking ordinances are an enforcement challenge for us, given all the competing interests for parking. It is my intention to use the letter as a catalyst for discussion with Edmonds City Council Public Safety Committee as to how we can better remediate the situation.

Retirees can’t keep up with tax increases

Thanks for having this in your Beacon (“Big property tax on the way,” Feb. 1). We need the word out before the vote coming up soon.

I don’t understand how the powers that be expect us old retired folks to keep paying out all our retirement savings on real-estate taxes. We moved into Edmonds at the end of 2001.

With this upcoming increase our taxes have almost doubled. After having retired over 20 years and having to depend on what we set aside, it’s going to be hard to stay in our home; if we do, we are going to have cut down on our spending.

Thank goodness for the conservatives in the capital for the cap on property taxes. Maybe this increase will wake up people to vote for people who won’t ignore the homeowners.

Thomas W. Copley


Idle thoughts on parked cars

I agree with Glenn Steinberg regarding the offensive car emissions that pedestrians inhale while walking on Sunset (“Idling on Sunset,” Letters to the Editor, Feb. 1).

It is also a very common occurrence to see several cars idling at the beach parking area at Bracket's Landing, as well as the beach parking area at the Marina Beach dog park.

Public Works Director Phil Williams commented that in the winter, people idle their cars to keep warm. True enough. However, people idle their cars all year long, particularly in the summer, to run their air conditioning and radios.

This isn't merely a few cars in the winter in one area of our city; it is a year-round situation at every park and beach. I have been to these areas many times, and cars are often running for 45 minutes or longer.

It is very unpleasant to sit on a park bench at Brackett’s Landing and have a vehicle’s engine running right behind you. You can get heat and air conditioning with only the battery on. Perhaps not as well as with the car running, but sufficient enough to stay cool or warm.

Granted, no one wants to see more regulations and signs posted, however, a sign posting no idling, attached to an already existing sign post (at eye level) would not be unsightly.

Our city claims it wants to be green. We can reduce our carbon footprint by creating no-idling zones in our parks and beaches.

People come to these areas to enjoy the quiet and fresh beach air. It shouldn't be hampered by toxic auto emissions.

Dawn Malkowski


Library’s friendly staff is an asset

Richard Suico's column ("Librarian's Desk," Feb. 1) described the programs and services so ably provided at our local library.

I would like to add another asset – the caring, interested and respectful response to library patrons. I have found, without exception, a user-friendly, motivated and expert response to any search.

In our increasingly impersonal, technical society, cheers for the staff for being a resource for all things good!

Think Edmonds Library, think enlightenment in all ways!

Dianna Maish


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Posted by: Jim Shelton | Feb 12, 2018 11:30

re: Retirees can’t keep up with tax increases...

Unfortunately many voters won't take (or don't have) the time to truly understand for what they are voting. A good example - ST3 taxes. When the bill actually arrives (car tabs, prop taxes, etc.), there is much wailing and cries of "how could this happen?" The ballet vote for those in the Edmonds School District that's due tomorrow comes before homeowners receive their 2018 property taxes in the mail (they can be seen online via the County Assessor's site, but again most voters won't be looking). I'm pretty sure there will be much wailing again when that bill is opened.

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