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Aug 07, 2017

Chamber didn’t do its homework on the Taste

Kafe Neo, a member of the Chamber of Commerce in Edmonds for years, has been in A Taste of Edmonds for over 20 consecutive years, and continues to be in it annually. Several of those years, we were the only Edmonds restaurant in the Taste of Edmonds.

It’s very unfortunate that this Chamber member doesn't realize Kafe Neo is located in the city of Edmonds on Highway 99 (“Why isn’t Edmonds in A Taste of Edmonds?” July 27, Guest View).

I would be willing to bet that Kafe Neo has been in the Taste of Edmonds more years combined than all the other three that the chamber mentions, yet we get no mention in Jan Nicholas’ article.

Shame on her lack of knowledge, and not supporting nor mentioning the longest participating Edmonds restaurant that has supported the Taste of Edmonds for over 20 consecutive years now.

Yes it is a lot of work, but we make it happen each year. The other restaurants can make all the excuses they want, but they just choose not to put in the effort to support A Taste of Edmonds.

Kyle Huffman
Kafe Neo, Edmonds


Chamber CEO and President Greg Urban responds: In last week’s Guest View column "Why isn't Edmonds in A Taste of Edmonds?," we made an error and omitted the participation of Kafe Neo as one of the local food vendors. For 20 years Kafe Neo has been both a Chamber member and food vendor at the Taste. Through good weather and bad we can always count on an amazing gyro at the Taste thanks to Kafe Neo. Our sincerest apologies.

State should fund animal shelters

Hello. I am Joshua Reynolds, a student at Meadowdale High School.

I am writing to you because I believe animal shelters should be funded by the state. I believe this because the animals should be living in better places. If the state funded them, we could provide jobs for people, as well.

First of all, all dogs experience stress in shelters. This stress comes from a lack of attention and the tiny spaces they are kept in for days on end. Many studies show that if an animal is loved, or even given some attention, it will release some stress.

Animals have the right to be loved and live in bigger and better environments.

Most shelters rely on donations, and if donations aren’t enough, they can’t save the animals that need help.

I know that people will say that if the state funds shelters, it’s tax money. But these tax dollars would go to a good cause. The least we could do for animals is to give them a little attention and a better environment.

We can help animals be happy, and not lonely.

Joshua Reynolds


Stand for peace, not war, at the Edmonds ferry dock

Thanks to the Beacon for the July 20 photo about the Women In Black peace vigil at the Edmonds ferry dock and thanks to all the people who have supported us with their presence.

We continue to stand for peace every Sunday from 12:30 to 1:30 p.m. We have lots of “Peace” or “No More War” signs, and welcome all to join us for that hour or for a few minutes. Our group includes men as well as women, and wearing black is not necessary.

Awareness is the basis for action. and our purpose is to raise awareness for world peace. We do not argue or debate; we wave to passersby and now receive many supportive comments and many a “thumbs up.”

It's our small way in our little part of the world to build peace everywhere. Come – be part of our efforts!

Rowena Miller
Marion Reed


Does councilmember have a conflict of interest?

I read with interest the story about Edmonds City Councilman Mike Nelson and how the union he manages is being prosecuted by the state attorney general (“Freedom Foundation targets councilmember with lawsuit,” July 27).

If the attorney general's allegation that his organization concealed “$4 million in receipts and nearly $4.7 million in expenditures” is true, I can't believe Nelson's response. He claims he is the victim of targeting and that this is only a "technical violation."

To my knowledge, the state attorney general does not target unions, and the dollar amount of unreported money seems far more significant than a mere technical violation.

Further, Nelson is quoted implying that he has no conflict of interest with his city council work because he maintains a clear separation between his union affiliation and his role on the city council.

Yet, your article cites that he walked out of a city council meeting in protest and solidarity with local firefighters after he lost a vote as the lone dissenter in the council's contract renewal decision with respect to these same firefighters.

Just what kind of separation is he maintaining? And how can he say that the state prosecution for what amounts to concealed union political contributions is “not relevant to my city council work?”

I certainly hope that someone in Edmonds will step forward this fall actively to oppose Nelson in his first attempt at getting elected to the council.

Nancy Louise Jacob


Editor’s note: Mike Nelson is running unopposed for Position 2 in the November general election. No one filed to oppose him, and the primary was just held this week.

Wolves in sheep's clothing

“Freedom Foundation targets councilmember with suit” (July 20) promptly brought the cartoonish image of a group of people waving flags and throwing objects at a councilmember wearing a suit. A funny image, but upon reading the article not a funny situation.

We do need our watchdogs; we need checks and balances. Unions do need to be accountable for the monies they receive, and unions do need to create laws that protect the workers, their working conditions, their wages and their health care.

When American workers hear a politician, a president or an organization say they are fighting for freedom, American workers let their guard down and say, “We are Americans, and we fight for freedom.”

But beware, while the Freedom Foundation considers that its organization fights for freedom, the real question is freedom for whom?

The Freedom Foundation is wolves in sheep's clothing. The Freedom Foundation is an organization of rich Libertarians and Republicans, including the Koch Brothers. They receive nonprofit voluntary financing, $2,500 to $100,000, to fight along with billionaire lobbyist for a small government, no unions and a free market.

They spew propaganda against unions and big government. They demonize mandatory union dues. They demonize union political actions. They demonize government regulations. They wave a free-market banner. Their objective is to eliminate American workers' union competition and government competition.

Freedom for whom? The Freedom Foundation is fighting for the American worker to be free from a livable wage, health care, education, small businesses, clean air, earth and water, consumer protection, government regulations, safe working conditions, social security, Medicare and Medicaid.

Freedom for whom?? Freedom for the rich to increase their profits on the backs of the American workers: teachers, plumbers, electricians, farmers, nurses, firefighters, contractors, custodians, receptionist, restaurant servers, etc.

The Freedom Foundation’s definition of freedom is deceptive; it actually creates a slave labor force. The Freedom Foundation uses the word “freedom” to hide their agenda, an agenda that puts profits over the demise of American workers.

Beware: Wolves in sheep's clothing.

Susan Pedersen


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