The sun shines many ways on Solstice weekend | Home Again

By Joanne Peterson | Jun 26, 2014

It’s been a lovely Sunday. My daughter Lisa came from West Seattle for a mother-daughter visit this sunny afternoon. I seldom see her by herself. Married, with two small children, numerous activities and a full-time job as a social worker, she doesn’t get much free time.

When she does have time to herself, she doesn’t often drive to Edmonds. For her mom, today was one of life’s good gifts. I’m still smiling.

Among other reasons for my eager anticipation of Lisa’s visit, I looked forward to showing her my small-space gardening. Because I frequently get to West Seattle, I have opportunity to watch my daughter’s plantings grow and change.

I sometimes do a bit of weeding and watering for her, and—as I’ve written before—do a little gardening with her young son and daughter. Every time I visit, they show me the flowers we’ve planted together, pleased to point out that their plants now are blooming.

Their mom reported today that Adam’s pumpkin seeds now are plants big enough to begin spilling over the side of their barrel half! He’s delighted. Now it was my turn to show my flowers to his mom.

My gardening, confined to pots on my deck, can’t compete with my daughter’s array of annual and perennial flowers, shrubs and grasses. Of course, there’s no competition, anyway. I simply was eager for her to see the flowers I’ve planted on my deck.

My two tomato plants—the yellow pear tomato and my favorite, the Grape Juliet—are growing, too, and sprouting tiny yellow flowers. (Lisa said the Grape Juliet I gave her already has tomatoes on it, thanks to a bit more sunlight and reflected warmth from the adjacent driveway.)

After Lisa had ample opportunity to admire my flowers, she requested a visit to the local Goodwill at Westgate, where we scored some bargains on children’s clothing. We found each of the children like-new swimwear with their favorite characters—for Abby a sweet “Hello Kitty” two-piece and for Adam a wildly printed “Spiderman” suit.

After our Goodwill visit, Lisa and I drove to Uncle Warren’s, called him from the parking lot and took him with us for lunch at the Rusty Pelican, on north Fifth. Lisa and I recommend the Rusty Pelican Caesar and Mill Creek salads, and Warren – who unfortunately had just finished lunch when we stopped by – recommends the blueberry shake, pricey but delicious.

Mid-afternoon, Lisa headed home.

I’ve just come in from a couple of hours sitting on my deck, enjoying the changing shades of the afternoon-into-evening sky, absorbing the warmth and quiet of this golden day.

I read several chapters of a good book, nibbled on raspberries, drank a cup of fresh coffee, contemplated the beauty around me. My daughter is home with her family. It’s been a lovely Sunday.


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