The spring CRI Trivia Quiz

By John Nadeau | Feb 21, 2013

Aha, we’re about to inflict another CRI Trivia Quiz on you.

Think you’re smart, eh?

Well, you probably are if you like trivia quizzes.

For the uninitiated, we send a couple of these your way every academic year to whet your curiosity in upcoming classes.

All the questions are based on courses scheduled for the spring term. The answers appear right after the questions, and the names of the courses follow the answers.

That means you have to slide your hand down the page to avoid cheating.

No peeking!

Remember what Miss Murphy said in the fourth grade: “Cheat, cheat, never beat.”

By the way, CRI is the Creative Retirement Institute, the lifelong learning program at Edmonds Community College.

Classes are open to all adults, and there are no examinations or grades.

You show up just because you like to learn.

Also, courses don’t cost much and are a genuine bargain.

With the formalities out of the way, let us begin this edition’s intellectual challenges.

En garde!

Q. In which epic poem do Helen of Troy, Achilles, Hector, and Agamemnon appear?

A. “The Iliad”  (Homer’s “The Iliad”)

Q. What is the theory that a species undergoes gradual changes to survive and reproduce in a competitive environment?

A. Evolution   (The Margins of Evolution)

Q. During the Middle Ages, which western European country thrived, building beautiful mosques, palaces, and libraries as well as establishing profitable trade routes?

A. Spain  (Land of Palm and Fountain: Glorious Medieval Spain)

Q. What do John Helmich Roman, Edvard Grieg, and Jean Sibelius have in common?

A. They are all Nordic composers.  (Classical Music of the Nordic World)

Q. Which of Shakespeare’s comedies, perhaps his most provocative, has Kate as the main character?

A. “Taming of the Shrew” (Shakespeare’s “Taming of the Shrew’)

Q. With which science do you associate flares, filaments, and coronal mass injections?

A. Astronomy  (All About the Sun)

Q. Who was the actress who starred in “Dial M for Murder” and “High Society,” then won an Academy Award for her role in “A Country Girl”?

A. Grace Kelly  (Grace Kelly at Her Best)

Q. What term describes an approach to medical care that emphasizes all aspects of a person’s health?

A. Holistic  (Lifestyle Update)

Q. Which novel about a Louisiana governor won a 1946 Pulitzer Prize for Robert Penn Warren?

A. “All the King’s Men”  (Alternative History: “All the King’s Men”)

Q. What does NAFTA stand for?

A. North American Free Trade Agreement  (Understanding  Trade Agreements)

There you are, ten questions on ten subjects. Actually, CRI offers about 30 courses each term, all drawn from the sciences and humanities or dealing with current trends.

You therefore have quite a bit to choose from.

Have we motivated you to look further?  We certainly hope so, because that’s the whole point.

For more information or to request a course brochure, phone CRI at 425-640-1830.

If you’re new to this area, or you’re new to lifelong learning, you might give us a try.

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