The party lines are getting wider | Letter

Mar 05, 2017

I’m sure that your article about Randy Hayden and President Trump (“Red in Blue Edmonds: Trump supporter continues passion for conservative ideals,” Feb. 23) will generate a ton of email.

The bottom line is that he is entitled to his (uninformed) opinion about former President Obama and Trump, Obama being blamed for a lot of things outside of his control – and Trump taking credit for a lot of things that either haven’t happened yet – or were an extension of Obama’s eight years.

Either way, it was a good article. It’s just sad that individuals come down so intently along party lines, and nothing seems to be done to bring the two groups together.

Had Trump put some Democrats on his staff or appointed a few to his Cabinet, I believe Democrats would have a totally different opinion of Trump – and those so-called “riots” (most are actually peaceful protests; there are often a few bad apples that ruin it for everyone) may never have happened.

Rich Logan


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Posted by: Jim Shelton | Mar 06, 2017 16:52

I wish those who write articles about coming "down so intently along party lines," would read what they just wrote and ask themselves if, maybe, they are one of those "individuals."

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