The journey, not the destination

Does a book lover ever outgrow enjoying the feel of the book in her hands?
By Joanne Peterson | Mar 21, 2013

Last week I spent a few days on the Oregon coast with a dear friend. Mary and I hadn’t traveled together for a while, and it was a great opportunity to go someplace, see some sights and spend leisurely hours visiting.

What’s not to like about getting in a car, driving out of town toward a favorite destination and leaving cares behind?

When Mary and I were children, we lived a block apart and nearly wore out the sidewalk going back and forth between houses, not to mention walking to school every day and hanging out at the public library together on weekends and during the summer.

Predictably, neither of us outgrew our love for libraries and books. When we travel together, we know we’ll spend time reading.

I’ll interject a plug here for our own marvelous Edmonds library--and the entire Sno-Isle library system.  Mary enjoys the libraries in Mukilteo, Mill Creek and Lynnwood, and I’m in and out of the Edmonds library several times a week.

Our library is a valuable asset to our community, providing knowledge and entertainment for all ages.

Mary and I both took books with us to Oregon. The difference now is that her travel reading is on Kindle, while I continue to carry a canvas tote stuffed with books.  (Mary still likes “real” books, too, of course. Does a book lover ever outgrow enjoying the feel of the book in her hands?)

On the road,  e-readers certainly cut down on the heft of a reader’s luggage.

The Oregon coast draws visitors every season, but it’s a special pleasure to drive Hwy 101 when it’s late winter, a weekday, and school is in session. Traffic was light, the scenery was lovely. The ocean!

What a treat to drive around a curve in the highway and see the surf, hear the waves crashing, gaze at enormous rocks jutting upward from the water.

Mary and I stayed in Garibaldi, south of Tillamook. Of course, we visited Tillamook Creamery, where we watched conveyer belts moving freshly-cut blocks of cheese from one station to the next, each block emerging neatly wrapped.

Then, over bowls of Tillamook ice cream—Mary had one scoop, while I had three, though I don’t know why I am telling you that--we reminisced about our first visit there.

We were not long out of high school when we made a car trip together to visit relatives in California.  Our travel budget for that trip was such that cheese samples at Tillamook constituted lunch that day.

Last week, meandering homeward up the coastal highway, we enjoyed coffee (etc.) at the bakery in Cannon Beach, walked the windswept sand at Seaside and visited Astoria, with its fabulous maritime museum.

The Oregon coast trip was a great break for two friends who don’t spend enough time together. We’d be happy to head to the ocean again soon.



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