The health of Puget Sound depends on your involvement | Letter

Mar 20, 2017

As a shoreline community with hands-down some of the best urban marine settings that you will find anywhere on Puget Sound, I think residents should come on down to the City Council’s public hearing on the Shoreline Master Plan update Tuesday, March 21.

The SMP, as it is affectionately called at our house, is being discussed a lot this month. This document, managed by the Washington State Department of Ecology per its responsibility to the Shoreline Management Act, helps to govern what our shoreline will look like.

Do you head to Marina Beach, the dog park, or the Marsh to bird-watch, seal-sit, fish, or beachcomb? Maybe you are a scuba diver or photographer, or perhaps you just enjoy the view as you sip a little coffee or wine. Either way, the SMP impacts your coastal waters.

The health of Puget Sound – and ultimately Edmonds’ mainstage attraction – now more than ever depends upon citizen involvement. Becoming informed, asking questions or sharing your opinion is critical, educational and, most of all, requested.

I have lived in this lovely city since 2005, and our family has enjoyed the Edmonds estuary ecosystem in many different ways, but we have also observed its change due to Edmonds' growth. There are now significant worries about the health of Puget Sound waters due to storm water runoff bringing toxins and waste to our beaches.

The high tides can at times wash over the train tracks, and new FEMA mapping of areas at risk for flood damage worry me. Places like Edmonds Marsh and other shoreline habitat can help to protect against negative outcomes.

In fact, special places like these are being rebuilt at great cost in places at high risk for coastal flooding, like the Netherlands, parts of the Atlantic Coast, and Florida.

We should be doing everything we can to protect and fortify any natural habitat that will protect our special community.

I hope to see you there.

Debbie Hopkins


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