The green fiascos

By Steven Keeler | Apr 26, 2012


Well, how about that!  The green cadre is at it again.

Writing their letters of mis-information - pushing their unsustainable agenda.

Is it the diesel emissions?  Then, stop the Sounder and freight trains, ban the ferries that come and go and restrict truck traffic.

No, wait, its the invisible coal dust!  It' there, somewhere, you just can't see it.

I know, it's the salt particles that are produced by beach wave action.

Maybe it could be those nasty cigarette smokers walking on Main street.

We'll have to clear cut Edmonds, you know, get rid of all that bad pollen - and so on.

Even more distressing is the justification for lies, by the eco-facists.

Dishonesty?  Where is the ruined environment?  What mess has to be cleaned up along the existing train tracks?

If you want dishonesty, look at the tens of millions of dollars flowing into groups such as Greenpeace and the Sierra club - why the silence on their big business and bigger agenda?

When the nuclear licenses can no longer be renewed, when the coal we cannot use for generation can also not be sold, where will this country be?

If you think so called green energy is here now and available, Edmonds, you need to wake up!

Start counting the number of those government subsidized fiascoes that have gone bankrupt.


Steven Keeler

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