The enemy… is us

Aug 15, 2013

Dear Editor:

On page 1 (Aug. 8 issue), we read that our city government is solvent.  On page 2, we read that our federal government - drowning in debt - is giving $551,000 to our city government.

Since when does someone who is broke give money to someone who is solvent?

How did each government get that way?

Page 1 tells us: city cut positions in every department (feds have added positions in every department); not added expenditures in areas where expanded needs exist and made difficult cuts (feds have increased expenditures every year since 1955); underspent and restored the general fund (feds have blown the general fund, leaving our kids a mountain of debt); the improved economy will allow some limited increases (feds will increase regardless of economy); fund balance allows city to respond quickly to emergencies (feds spend in emergencies whether they have it or not).

If people on the Edmonds City Council can figure it out, why can't those in Washington?

And why, on the same day in November, do we reelect (reward) those who drown one government in debt, and those who keep the other government solvent?

As Pogo said, "We have met the enemy, and he is us."

Bob Fretz


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