The Constant Curmudgeon – The hot spot for lunch

By John Pierre | Jun 07, 2012

Anyone care to guess what's the busiest lunch cafe in all of Edmonds?

No... it isn't Claire's Pantry, although the place is jumpin' much of the time and serves a wide variety of breakfast, lunch and dinner items and the price remains the same regardless of the time of day.  Heck, you can order pancakes at 6 p.m. if you so desire.

And it isn't Hamburger Harry's, a delightful place for lunch or dinner with a menu that will keep you busy for a while just figuring out what will suit your palate.

They too have breakfast items available regardless of the time of day and are proud of their lively cocktail bar.

Chanterelle seems to always be busy and is deserving of accolades for their excellently prepared lunches.  For those who enjoy a cocktail with their lunch... sorry Charlie.  You'll have to satisfy your craving with wine or beer.

One of our family favorites, of which many of you have been made aware, is Chopsticks across 100th from Bartells just south of the busy Westgate intersection.

They are delightful people who serve mountains of good food at an extremely moderate price.

Another favorite of ours is Las Brisas which we understand will be moving soon to the remodeled Old (now new) Milltown building, a block south of "the Circle."

Although Arnies is high on the list of busy restaurants, in this writer's opinion, none of these are the busiest lunch restaurants in Edmonds.

Try Anthony's Beach Cafe sometime between 11:30 and 2:30 on just about any day of the week.

We recently had lunch there and I had forgotten, since the last time we patronized the place, just how busy busy can be.  I do believe it is the busiest lunch location in all of Edmonds.

The place is crammed with tables and, during appropriate weather, serves a massive outside dining area as well.

You've heard of "dancing cheek to cheek?"  At the Beach Cafe you are dining cheek to cheek... but with a decidedly different set of cheeks.  And LOUD!!!

My poor wife, who speaks in a very soft voice, could not be heard over the loud noises emanating from the capacity crowd.

She must have thought that I, once again, was being afflicted with selective hearing.   As usual, I was innocent of the surreptitious charge.

These people, with their brigade of cooks, chefs and very pleasant servers, manage to produce some beautifully prepared dishes.

We were impressed.  Although next time I'll bring my earmuffs.

A crowd of fans at a hotly contested football game couldn't make any more noise after an Alley Oop pass resulting in a touchdown for the home team.

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