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By James Clark | May 02, 2013


The continuing rant by our foremost authority on the coal train issue; non-other than the "Constant Curmudgeon" is so telling it is almost humorous.

John Pierre is not against coal trains. He is (and always has been) against ENVIRONMENTALISTS!  Better known to him as "Greenies"!

What did this group ever do that caused them to be so despised by Mr. Pierre?  All they want is clean air, clean soil, clean water, and a place that we can leave to our children so they can have the same.

I know they have been heavy handed in many areas and sometimes overbearing but you would think that Mr. Pierre had suffered a personal attack.

I know, they are anti-business but somehow we have survived in spite of the "greenies".

The stock market is setting records weekly and the economy is improving in spite of the broken House and Senate.  So whats the complaint?

I'm not a "greenie" as Mr. Pierre enjoys calling those who may be just that, "greenies".

However I believe in a clean environment that we the citizens of this community, state, country and world have a responsibility to maintain as caretakers of the providence that we have inherited.

I don't want coal trains that may end up coming through Edmonds several times a day because we don't need the extra traffic, noise, delays to ferry traffic and interruption to commerce that will happen if the rail traffic expands as projected.

Also the coal train problem goes far beyond Edmond's doorstep.  It is a global issue that can have an affect on several states and other countries economies.

A group that could be affected considerably by so much extra rail traffic is the Port of Seattle.  With all the trains delaying movement of freight through the region a major impact on commerce may exist which can affect jobs, future contracts and perhaps relocate point of entry with the widening of the Panama Canal.

East coast shipyards may get West Coast business Mr. Pierre.  You can be against environmentalists but you may experience a dramatic economic impact to the region if you continue to support a one-dimensional issue.  The old saying is "be careful what you wish for".

My question to Mr. Pierre is this:  What do you have to gain personally, if anything, to the potential addition of many more coal trains coming through Edmonds daily?

Is it just personal satisfaction that  your opinion is justified  or are you just against the "greenies"?

I would like to welcome  Mr. Pierre  into the 21st Century before its too late for all of us.


James Clark

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Posted by: Nathaniel R Brown | May 08, 2013 14:08

An excellent letter, Mr. Clark!  But may I correct just one thing you say?  We greenies are not anti-business!  I was a businessman myself before I retired.  But we are "anti" practices that pollute and destroy the environment, and yes, against businesses that do so and refuse clean up their act.


BTW, an interesting article in today's (May 8) Seattle Times about how many obstacles are thrown in the way of scientists who want to research the effect of certain practices, such as increased coal train traffic, on the environment.

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