Thanks to everyone at Petosa’s

By Barbara Mercer | Feb 18, 2013


PETOSA'S FAMILY GROCER belongs to Edmonds!

I came to Edmonds in 1990, and for me PETOSA'S  has been the anchor of this town.  Even far beyond the city limits people have recognized this grocery store, together with the Pancake Haus, as the cornerstone; it is One with Edmonds!

Now, however, with tears we see Petosa's closing up.  We see the diminishing shelves; we say good-bye with broken hearts to the employees who served every customer with patience, kindness, and helpfulness.

We recognize that the personal service in a family-oriented style we all have enjoyed cannot be repaid enough to keep this great place open.

For myself I have to say a big, big Thanks to Betty Jo Petosa and her staff for their loving support after I had suffered a freak accident in my business next door to Petosa's.

While I was in Harbor View Hospital for several weeks, there was a table set up at Petosa's to collect cards from all the concerned Edmonds citizens, who sent me their wishes and prayers.  When I came out of the trauma and received a huge paper bag filled with loving cards, I broke down in tears and accepted the love that had been given to me!  It was because of Betty Jo Petosa that this Love for Healing had been transferred to me!

Thank you, and I miss YOU ALL at PETOSA'S  GROCERY STORE!

Barbara Mercer

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