Thanks to Councilmember Bloom

By Dave Buelow | Dec 17, 2012


Thanks to Councilmember Bloom for so eloquently articulating the thoughts and feelings of most Edmonds residents regarding the proposed addition of the Harbor Square re-development plan into the City Comprehensive Plan.

She obviously loves Edmonds and has a great sense of those who really care about the long term impact of the Port’s vision.

Project proponents are glossing over the many negatives of this project in an attempt to generate irreversible momentum when they say we are “only dealing with the City Comprehensive Plan, not a real project.”

Of course, the argument when a real project arises will be, “it’s in the Comp Plan, so obviously it is wanted.”

Let's hope other Council members, captivated by possible one-time income for engineers, real estate developers and agents, and questionably some net revenue to the City over time, will ultimately see the larger, longer term picture and keep in mind:

1) The site is unsafe for residential construction due to soil conditions (liquefaction and tsunami zone) and neighboring environmental cleanup site.

2) The commuter rail station will likely be re-located to 220th and the I-5 corridor by the time the project would be completed.

3) The infrastructure impact should be considered now, even though this is “not a real project.” Such things as roads and sewage treatment expansions will be necessary for a real project.

4) The negative impact on public and private views is substantial and will be reflected in diminished quality of life, property values and decreased future tax revenues.

5) What is done for a tax supported public entity like the Port is likely to carry over to neighboring private properties through litigation or other means.

6) New town/old town scenario will drive down the value of existing commercial properties and quite possibly siphon business away from the current downtown core.

Thanks, Councilmember Bloom for having the courage to take a leadership position and put proponents on notice that an Ebb Tide on steroids will not have your support, nor should it have anyone else's.


Dave Buelow, Edmonds

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