Thanks (sometimes) for the memories

By John Pierre | Jan 16, 2014

Memories.  Many of us who are in our last chapter of life are blessed with fond memories of days gone by.

The young among us have memories, too, but haven't yet accumulated enough of them to bring the "old days" back to them as some of us are currently experiencing.

I can remember when the only "baseball caps" were being worn by baseball players.  And the ONLY person on the team who wore his cap backwards was the catcher, and then only because of the need to wear a protective mask.

Now, many young men are wearing one of the many millions of baseball caps being produced yearly, and all too many wearers never take the cap off and a number of them are being worn backward or kittywampus.

The movies of our day showed a man and a woman sleeping in separate beds ... even after just being married.  A little too Victorian in my opinion, but better than today's "flicks" with couples jumping in and out of a king-sized bed without regard to marital status or much of any other inhibitions.

We used to be able to tell a Chevrolet from a Cadillac.  Or an Oldsmobile from a Dodge.  That is a near impossibility with today's crop of autos being look-alikes and with parts being manufactured from dozens of different nations around the world.  Without seeing the name emblazoned on the grill or the front quarter (it used to be a fender) they all look like luxury Toyotas to me.

Many of us remember the days when we could drive around Edmonds without having our eyes being scorched by piercing halogen headlights.  It's hard to understand how these dangerous accessories haven't been outlawed for safety reasons if nothing else.

We used to be able to communicate with each other by letter or telephone ... or, believe it or not, in person.  Then along came e-mail of which we mostly approved because it saved ever-increasing costs of postage stamps.  But then we're assaulted by Space Face and people who find the need to tweet each other on a Twitter account.  Who are these tweeters?  Barn swallows with clawed feet that fit a limb?  Maybe we should start a "grunter" account for people who want to oink at each other.

I know it has been said by generations before ours, but one still has to feel like saying, "Oh, for the old days."  Personally I don't have any wish to go back to a '29 Essex, but there are certain attractions that the "old days" had that have been lost in our overall permissive attitudes of late.

Some of us fought to stop the expansion of communism only to find that it is easily recognizable in some of our elected leaders in Washington, D.C.  Anyone with even a remote portion of their brain still functioning must know that communism has failed everywhere it has been tried.

Memories are something to hang onto and, carefully, share with the young in America.  Some of the remembrances are worth hanging on to.

I'm personally not a religious person, but I am annoyed by watching Christianity being trampled into the ground while any other "religious" faction is being honored and, in fact, encouraged because of one person's objection to Christmas decor or government meddling.

Over and out.


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