Thanks for the thrill Edmonds | Letter

Jul 10, 2014

Editor, The Beacon:

Please join me in thanking everyone, all 18,000, who lined the parade route on the Fourth of July.

As the Citizen of the Year for Edmonds, I had no idea that being part of the festivities would be so delicious and fun.

Thanks to Bruce and Elaine Nicholson, driver of a very fine 1941 Chevy and wife, for negotiating the streets in fine order.

To the observers who waved, thumbs up, and cheers, all the smiles from the very tiny babes in arms to adults of every age, made the day so precious and lovely, a highlight in my life.

Also to my assistant, husband of 44 years and best friend, Sidney, thank you for your company. Knowing you had a thrill along with me adds to the joy.

One more thing, a hug to Chuck, Linda, and neighbor, Gary, who took pictures and made copies that very afternoon.

Vel and Jan, you too, for your photos on our camera. There is no place like home, and Edmonds is the place in every way I can think. Blessings, gratitude and appreciation!


Francine Cohen aka Frannie



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