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Nov 23, 2016

Thanks to Edmonds Beacon readers.

Thanks to those who contribute columns, letters and photos.

Thanks for the news tips. We are always looking for stories.

Thanks for attending City Council meetings and the city’s open houses. Believe me, your input is considered. It’s easy to poke fun of or disparage councilmembers, but this bunch cares about Edmonds. Think so, anyway.

Thanks to the city for adding an extra north and sound lane on Ninth leading up to the stop sign on Walnut.

Thanks to all those who don’t use the lane because they are too polite or don’t know about it. Makes my trip faster.

Thanks for giving us back the parallel parking on Sunset Avenue. Although it’s not done yet. Waiting for sunny weather?

Thanks to Bud’s Bait Shop for being an institution. Will be sorry to see it go.

Thanks for the new Civic Field design. Anything beats what’s there now.

Thanks to Beacon columnists Joanne Peterson, James Spangler, Maria Montalvo and Tim Raetzloff. And thanks to Mayor Earling and city staffers who supply columns, as well. We’ll try to keep the propaganda to a minimum, promise.

Thanks to the Five Corners roundabout. It’s easy, it’s fast, it rocks.

Thanks to business owners with nice smiles: Brooke Baker, Manya Vee, Mary Kay Sneeringer.

Thanks to Sneeringer’s Edmonds Bookshop for keeping the printed word alive.

Thanks to Salt and Iron and its corned-beef hash.

Thanks to the Edmonds Marsh. No matter what your buffer becomes.

Thanks for the upcoming flyover from Edmonds Street down to the waterfront. Camera’s ready.

Thanks for ferry and train noise. Something very Pacific Northwest about that.

Thanks to Snake Road. You’re dangerous, but you sure are beautiful and a joy to drive.

Thanks to the Edmonds PD and Fire District 1.

Thanks for tourists walking up and down Main Street. We love you.

Thanks to the Friends of Edmonds Library, back from the dead.

Thanks for the public restroom next to City Hall. Can’t wait to use it.

Thanks for the rain and cloudy skies, and the Edmonds view after they’re gone.

Thanks for the new fishing pier. Rain or shine, it’s an Edmonds institution.

Thanks to Yost Park, the dog park and the new splash pad.

Thanks to Sara Bruestle, who leaves as Mukilteo Beacon editor after six years to become features editor at The Herald. She brightened the office and is as hard a worker as I’ve been lucky enough to work with.

Thanks to my Beacon colleagues, professionals all.


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