Thank you to the citizens of Edmonds

We were able to raise funds to provide and purchase over $160,000 of training aids and equipment and other items that continue to benefit the community
By Edmonds Fire Safety Foundation | Mar 30, 2013


Thank you to the citizens of Edmonds, the City of Edmonds and all the members of the former Edmonds Fire Department for the wonderful support the Edmonds Fire Safety Foundation has received over the past 16 years.

The foundation was established in October of 1996 with the stated purpose: “for charitable, benevolent, educational, social, cultural and scientific purposes, in support of the Edmonds Fire Department.”

Through the support the foundation received we were able to raise funds to provide and purchase over $160,000 of training aids and equipment and other items that continue to benefit the community.

A few of the items provided through the fund-raising efforts are:

  • The purchase of over $20,000 in upgrades, tools, equipment, and a new navigational system, installed in 2012, for the Fire-Police Safety boat owned by the City of Edmonds.
  • The purchase of three hand-held thermal imaging cameras that allow firefighters to see in absolute darkness or a smoke-filled room, detect hidden hot spots in a building, and identify thermal heat given off by a victim overcome by smoke.
  • The Foundation sponsored the Smoke Detector Program that permitted firefighters to install residential smoke detectors at no cost to seniors and low income residents.
  • Eight Automatic External Defibrillators (AED) were purchased and installed at City Hall, the Senior Center, the Francis Anderson Center, Yost Pool, the Public Works building, the Public Safety Building, the Edmonds Public Library, and the Edmonds Center for the Arts.
  • Over $10,000 was raised to purchase the original Edmonds 1938 Ford Fire Engine #1, lovingly restored by retired Edmonds firefighter, Ron Barton. The ’38 Ford served the Edmonds Fire Department from 1938 through 1965. The engine was donated to the City of Edmonds in 2004.
  • The Foundation sponsored the 2004 Centennial celebration of the Edmonds Fire Department and produced and published a written history about the fire department.


The Edmonds Fire Department ceased to exist at the end of 2009. Since then the foundation board members have spent time to decide the future of the foundation.  For many reasons, the decision was made to dissolve the foundation.

During the dissolution process the foundation worked with the Edmonds Historical Society to take over the foundation’s efforts to find a home for the 1938 Ford Fire Engine #1 in the City of Edmonds.

An agreement between the Edmonds Fire Safety Foundation and the Edmonds Historical Society was signed on February 23, 2013 and all remaining foundation funds were transferred to the Historical Society at that time.

We encourage the Edmonds community to support the Historical Society’s efforts to find a permanent location to house the 1938 Ford Fire Engine and establish a museum to honor the 105-year history of the Edmonds Fire Department.

Thank you to the Edmonds community for your support.


The Board Members, Edmonds Fire Safety Foundation






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