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By Maria A. Montalvo | Sep 07, 2018
Courtesy of: Maria A. Montalvo A gummy bear martini at Thai By Day in Edmonds.

It took far too long for me to get to this relatively new and increasingly popular restaurant in downtown Edmonds.

Thai By Day invites you into a “laid back, happy, relaxed, untroubled place you feel at ease with a breezy, calm mind.” And it is just that, a delightful spot, decorated with wood planking and copper accents, as well as playful art and unique fixtures that make you smile.

Thai By Day describes itself as “modern Thai fusion,” and the menu is full of items you recognize and a few you want to try after reading the description (firecracker shrimp, anyone?).

The staff are pleasant to talk to and answer any question from spice level to protein choices to make sure you get a meal you will enjoy – the team clearly cares about what they do and about the diner’s experience.

Edmonds is home to some very good Thai restaurants, within the city limits and just outside, and I am also happy to report that we have another great choice. Our group of four selected several dishes that sounded familiar and a few unfamiliar, and left no room for dessert (this time).

We started with the Wings Karaage ($9), which were seasoned perfectly and served with a tangy sauce that was almost a vinaigrette (and so good we kept it for future dishes). The Garlic Green Beans ($9) are always a crowd pleaser, and the version at Thai By Day is no exception.

The Tom Kha Gal soup ($13) was enough for us to share with small cups, and the herb coconut milk broth brought some heat and great flavor. The Red Curry with Firecracker Shrimp ($16) is perfectly balanced.

We loved the red pepper and bamboo shoots served with crispy rice paper-wrapped shrimp, but I found that I put a whole scoop of the red curry sauce on each spoonful of jasmine rice.

The Khao Phad Moo-Daad-Deaw ($14), or fried rice with pork jerky, had to go on the list once we read “pork jerky.” It was not at all heavy, and the Chinese broccoli added some crunch while the tomato and onion gave it a slight sweetness.

The Phad See-Elw ($13), a stir-fried wide rice noodle dish, was my favorite, so tender and a unique black soy sauce with perfectly cooked chicken.

Po, the bartender, creates fantastic cocktails, many with locally produced gins and vodkas from Scratch at Salish Crossing. I was exceedingly distracted by the vodka-soaked gummie bear in my Moscow Mule, so much so that I spent several minutes trying to fish it out of the cup and, even with the effort, it lived up to expectations.

We wanted to try cocktails created with the Scratch mint vodka, so we ordered the gimlet with mint vodka and the martini with a hint of mint, and both were just right (gimlets can sometimes be too sweet or sour and a mint martini seemed like a risk but was just refreshing).

Did I mention each meal starts with complimentary and very crunchy plate of shrimp chips to accompany your first sip?

I would order the same menu again and again, but I am guessing these dishes are indicative of the whole menu, so we can all ease into a variety of good meals at Thai By Day.


Thai By Day

Where: 182 Sunset Ave. S, at Salish Crossing, Edmonds
Hours: 11 a.m.-10 p.m. daily.
Information: 425-967-7181,


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