‘Taste’ leaves a bad taste | Letter

Aug 14, 2014

Editor, The Beacon:

Whew ... another "Taste of Edmonds" is over!

I would like to encourage anyone who feels the same as I, and many Edmonds residents feel about this event, to write to the Edmonds Chamber of Commerce.

It's just not an Edmonds caliber event.

As I worked this weekend talking to our merchants and locals, we really wish this event could morph into a quality event.

Imagine no fast food, etc. But rather, high quality food offered from our many fine eateries, people walking the streets enjoying live music, sitting in the cafes, sidewalks overflowing with new visitors and locals, alike.

If you would like to see the bar raised, please join me in writing to Edmonds Chamber President Greg Urban at: greg@edmondswa.com.


Jill Freeman

Cole Gallery associate



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