Sunshine brings out, well, everybody

By Joanne Peterson | Apr 17, 2014

The weather on Sunday, all-day sunshine and temperatures in the 60s, apparently convinced a lot of people that summer is on the way. Driving through downtown Edmonds late in the afternoon provided a look ahead, a reminder that if you live in the Pacific Northwest, you are quick to focus on warmth and to enjoy a preview of summer activities.

On Main Street, east of the fountain, Revelations Yogurt buzzed with activity. Families sat at tables outside; further down the block, Starbucks tables were occupied, too. The big dogs who sat on the sidewalk through winter mornings while their people visited over coffee in 43-degree chill, sprawled in sunshine. In the intersection, the fountain glittered, liquid crystal reflecting afternoon light.

I turned left onto Fifth Avenue, passing people eating outdoors at the Red Twig, while further up the block more coffee drinkers sat outside The Louvre coffee shop. A row of Harleys waited in the sun in front of Engel’s Pub while their owners stood on the sidewalk and in the doorway talking.

Half a dozen pre-teen girls in short shorts and tank tops giggled their way down the block, probably with no particular destination. In the space of that one block, I encountered four convertibles with tops down, countless people wearing sunglasses, and a couple of kids going barefoot.

Oh, sure, by the end of the week, spring showers will return. But the warmth, the street corners showing off early plantings, the pedestrians in shirt sleeves, all gave off a happy vibe on Sunday afternoon.

Speaking of happy vibes, Sunday noon I was among a group of women celebrating our friend Mildred’s 95th birthday. Mildred, who used to live in Edmonds, lives in an attractive senior residence on Greenwood Avenue.

She is one of the brightest, deepest, most vibrant women I know. Her life experiences make for great stories, she has memorized everything you’d ever wonder about classic movies, her hospitality is incomparable. And how grand must it feel to be so beloved? Happy Birthday, dear Mildred.

While I have birthdays on my mind, my grandson Adam will be 5 next weekend. His aunt and cousins from Maryland are coming to visit, which I’m sure would be cause enough for celebration. I am remembering Adam’s 4th birthday, when he and a couple of pre-school classmates had a shared party at the local YMCA, featuring an air-filled bouncy house nearly the size of my home.

My most vivid recollection of that day is of his then 2-year-old sister Abby, who fears nothing, climbing to the top of the bouncy house and leaping onto the broad inflated slide leading to the gym floor. I think she beat the boys every time. I’ve mentioned before that nothing much slows her down. I hope she never changes.

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