Sunset project a bad idea

Dec 11, 2013


Regarding the Dec. 5 issue of the Beacon and the article "Is the sun setting on Sunset Walkway project? This is another idea that should have been dead on arrival as part of the Capital Facilities Plan.

Why would the city pursue major improvement to property it does not own and could very likely relinquish any access to, if BNSF decides to expand track placement in this corridor in the future, which is likely given the increase in rail traffic.

The plan would in all likelihood result in the same lane restriction as was created with expansion of walkways on Main Street between 5th & 6th.

When will our Public Works Director address the sidewalk issues downtown, the only investment there is for florescent paint outlining the trip hazards that one day will result in a liability claim that will exceed the $159,000 grant for a design study that may or may not have to be returned.

A novel approach might be to seek public input into what residents "taxpayers" would like to see in Capital Projects before applying for and spending grant monies on spec.

Wally Bergquist


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