Sunset Avenue restriping begins next week

By Brian Soergel | May 18, 2017

Edmonds’ Public Works next week will begin a project to remove 21 angled-parking spaces on Sunset Avenue and replace them with parallel parking spaces.

Last August, the City Council voted 4-3 to ditch the current angled parking, which forces cars and trucks to stick out into the roadway, narrowing the space northbound vehicles have to squeeze by.

The new configuration returns that stretch of Sunset from Edmonds Street in the south to Caspers Street in the north to the way it was in 2014. It was changed to allow city officials to test the viability of a pedestrian walkway on the west side of Sunset.

Many citizens complained that the new configuration was unsafe.

“Any work we do on Sunset Avenue is sure to be noticed by many of our citizens,” said Tod Moles, the city’s street and storm manager. “The council has asked that we work with local residents to find locations for additional parallel stalls along the rest of Sunset.”

On Monday, May 22, Public Works will remove the angled parking curb stops and surface markings. Tuesday will be dedicated to restriping the parallel stalls.

Moles said city staff will begin reaching out to local residents looking for comment regarding proposed locations for additional stalls along the remainder of Sunset Avenue.

In August, councilmembers also voted to remove the four-hour parking designation and replace it with two hours. The police department had lobbied for three hours, in order to be consistent with the rest of the city.



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