Summer is here (almost) | Mayor's Corner

By Dave Earling | Apr 27, 2018

They tell me the rumor is true ... summer is coming!

Only in the past few days when the temperature has crawled all the way into the 60s, and now the low 70s, have I thought there might be truth in the rumor.

Accepting the rumor gets a bit easier when I begin to think of the great smorgasbord of fun activities Edmonds brings us in the summer (and fall). Activities for those of us who live here, but we've also become a daytime destination for others in the region.

Those from more congested cities find Edmonds a delightful change with our small-town atmosphere, waterfront and our parks.

Speaking of the waterfront, think of how that area continues to add interest to Edmonds. Puget Sound Express is expanding its whale-watching excursions this summer. They have added a new boat, the M/S Saratoga, and are projected to bring in about 20,000 adventurers this year.

The growing Salish Crossing commercial center (with the latest addition of Top Pot Doughnuts), the Port’s summer music programs, and our waterfront restaurants and parks, are a summer highlight for all.

I always look forward to the Summer Market. The fresh fruit and vegetables, flowers, smoked salmon (my favorite), sweets and bread. The many crafts, artists, and talented street musicians, mixed with lots of sunshine, make for great fun. I also look forward to the market because it is one of our many "meeting places" giving us the opportunity to catch-up with friends we may not often get to see.

During the summer, there's no shortage of great music to enjoy in Edmonds. I've mentioned the Port's summer music programs, but how about the Concerts in the Park series, which showcases music at City Park and Hazel Miller Plaza?

Or the summer Art Walks, which generally feature musicians at participating shops and galleries along the way. And don't forget the fine programming for kids and adults at the Edmonds Center for the Arts.

One cannot think of summer without acknowledging the fabulous restaurants in our community, many with outdoor summer dining. Whether at Westgate, Five Corners, Highway 99, downtown Edmonds or the waterfront – they are an important draw for our community and the region.

And Edmonds’ reputation acts to attract even more restaurants. I know of some more that are coming in the near future!

Our special events are also terrific family opportunities. Our fabled Edmonds Arts Festival brings many fine arts and crafts vendors, who have garnered a strong regional reputation. Along with the art, music and entertainment are always present.

The popular A Taste of Edmonds, this year reinvented as “Taste Edmonds,” will bring some fun changes and enhancements for us to experience this summer. And don't forget the Edmonds Waterfront Festival at the beginning of June.

One of the many highlights of the summer is our annual 4th of July celebration, sponsored by the Edmonds Chamber of Commerce. The "small-town" parade will attract thousands from Edmonds and the region. While we can call it "small town," it is our city celebrating the founding of the United States and our heritage.

I must also mention the Edmonds Memorial Day celebration. It will once again bring hundreds of people together at the Edmonds Cemetery to honor our fallen heroes and also reflect on the importance of the uniqueness of our country. Another "small town" gathering, but with true meaning.

I think most agree that “We ain't Deadmonds anymore.”

What we have come to appreciate is the many community activities that draw us closer together. I talk to citizens daily who marvel at the energy and vibrancy of Edmonds, which was not here a decade ago.

Just last week, I ran into a citizen who was raised in Edmonds, lived in cities across the country as well as internationally, and then moved back to Edmonds. He was amazed at the positive changes. His message was simple: "Keep the low downtown profile, but also keep the town's newfound dynamic."



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