Suck it up

Jan 22, 2014


The Edmonds City Council is selecting one applicant out of those that applied to replace Frank Yamamoto.

The obvious choice should be the candidate who received over 6,400 votes in the recent election.

Over 6,400 people in Edmonds want Ron Wambolt on the council. Not one of the other candidates can say that.

They didn't work for six months and knock on over 10,000 doors to talk to the people of Edmonds.

As an independent, Ron knew going in that he would work harder and longer to get his message across; 6,447 people listened and said yes we want Ron on the council.

Unfortunately, during the past two election cycles the council has become polarized by partisan politics.

No council person in the history of the council has ever been more prepared on the issues then Ron Wambolt. Ron is not only prepared on his own issues but comes prepared on all of the issues including those of his fellow council members.

Our chief financial officer recently resigned because of problems working with this council.

Ron has a deep background in finance and could be very helpful with the transition from our current financial officer to our new financial officer.

Everyone who knows Ron knows he is qualified – no, he is over-qualified to be on the council.

To the council I say, suck it up and do what is right for our city. Listen to 6,400 Edmonds residents and put your personal bias aside. Select Ron Wambolt on the first ballot.

Dave Page


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Posted by: john dolan | Jan 24, 2014 11:58

Apparently, his hard work didn't pay off. People rejected his candidacy. Maybe some of it had to do with his position on downtown development, like high rise buildings. One can only wonder.

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