‘Stupid is as stupid does’

Apr 24, 2014


For nearly 40 years we have traveled by way of the Five Corners intersection at the top of Main Street and have yet to ever see an accident or even the presence of a noticeable traffic backup.

Now the city, in all its wisdom, is spending some $3,500,000 of taxpayer dollars for a “roundabout” to beautify this intersection that does not appear to be needed for safety or for beauty.

Over $700,000 alone has been spent on preliminary costs for design, etc.

It seems that for $3.5 million that a better use of those funds could be placed where “all” Edmonds citizens could benefit and enjoy.

A recent encounter with a City Council person who attempted to explain to me that the cost to the city was very little as most was being paid with a grant from the federal government caused me to realize there wasn’t much more to discuss with this individual as it appeared they had no understanding that the federal government obtained its resources from all of us in the first place or that it is borrowing and adding to an unmanageable deficit.

The financial debacle such as what happened in north Edmonds at the Haines Park comes to mind. The cost-benefit on that project was, I thought, horrific.

It certainly seems that a more prudent use of taxpayer funds, if only for that portion funded by the local taxpayer (absent of federal perks), could be used for a more worthwhile purpose than this seemingly senseless “roundabout.”

It seems pretty obvious to me, but then again it has become almost impossible to fight City Hall where the saying “Stupid is as stupid does” comes to mind.

Dick Beselin


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