Still getting to those boxes…

Edmonds will never be as good without Petosas Family Grocer
By Joanne Peterson | Jan 03, 2013

So here we go into the New Year.  Fresh opportunities, wide-open possibilities, unlimited chances to start over. It’s an exciting time, right?

The trouble is we’re still worn out from the old year, aren’t we? I should speak for myself: I am still worn out from the old year.

My mood holds more sorrow than joy, and I don’t want to feel this way. I want to be thinking about my annual (annual, as in every single year for as long as I can remember) struggle to overcome my habits of disorganization.

Writing about my efforts to become organized comes naturally every January. Until now.

Again this year, I planned to tell about noticing that every store selling plastic boxes, file cartons, under-bed storage containers and built-in closet systems is advertising heavily.

Yes, every January I read those ads, admiring pristine stacks of empty containers with bright lids, trios of baskets with fabric liners, and clever tags designed to identify assorted contents. Yes! Surely, some year, I’ll come upon the right combination of energy, dedication and products, and January will be the month I discard what I do not need and tidily organize what I do need.

I also wanted to write about my plan to give away every last bit of candy and cookies and anything else containing what I call “cheap carbs”—in other words, my major food groups of 2012.

It would be a good time to talk about my new exercise program—although as yet I do not have a plan, and I’m in no mood to talk about it, anyway.

The trouble is I’m still reeling from the loss of all those little children and their teachers in Connecticut’s shooting tragedy.  Also, I’m hurting for the family and friends of the couple killed by the falling tree on Hwy 2 last week and the nine who died in the tour bus catastrophe in Oregon.

Then, too, everyone who is lonely or hungry or homeless tugs at my heart.

I am preoccupied with the three-fatality car wreck on Whidbey Island December 26. That evening I didn’t leave my cousin’s Whidbey Island home until later than I intended. Consequently, I was not on the road to the ferry until after that road was closed because of the accident.

I don’t know when the accident happened, but I suppose my car could have been one of the three demolished by the wreck. My life, of course, is no more precious than any one of the three lives lost that night.

If I waited until tomorrow morning to write this, I’m sure I would share something more uplifting.

In the meantime, three un-related opinions, before I run out of space: 1) Elected politicians at every level need to get over themselves, quit posturing and serve their people.  2) The Five Corners round-about plan is the dumbest misuse of money I’ve ever heard of.  3) Edmonds will never be as good without Petosas Family Grocer.



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