Squeezing in at Ninth and Walnut | Letter

Jun 23, 2017

Three times in the last week, I have stopped at the four-way intersection at Ninth and Walnut, in the center lane, heading north or south, ready to go straight ahead.

I am not signaling a left turn, and I wait for the next car in the four-way rotation to use the intersection, only to have someone pull up on my right – after I stop - and then go straight ahead, in effect passing me on the right and not waiting for their turn, and pulling in front of me as the parking lane approaches.

Passing on the right is illegal.

Should the Ninth and Walnut intersection have two straight-ahead lanes? I realize this can be useful if the person in the center lane is waiting to make a turn – but shoving past a non-turning vehicle – is this legal?

It is certainly rude.

Can people please drive with more courtesy? Again, this has happened three times in the last week, and many more times in the past months. Perhaps the traffic control people need to re-think this intersection.

Nathaniel Brown


Editor’s note: It is legal, and arrows on the road clearly show the straight-or-go-right option (at least going north). The lanes were installed a couple of years ago to help reduce congestion for traffic traveling north and south.

Cars in the right-hand lane can turn right or go straight, taking care to merge back into the single lane safely. We agree that if there is only one car stopped and another one pulls beside it to beat the driver in the middle lane … well, that’s a little rude. But during rush hour, the lanes can speed things up if used properly.

But it seems Edmonds drivers are just too courteous, or aren’t aware of the rules.


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