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Sponsored brief: Where can I donate my old eyewear?

Jul 12, 2018

While collecting eyeglasses dating back to the ’80s might be fun to look at and reminisce at times, it can be just as enlightening to clean out that junk drawer and put your old eyeglasses to good use for those less fortunate.

The Lions Club graciously accepts donated glasses at several locations here in Edmonds. These glasses are cleaned, tightened and put in a machine to read the prescription so they can be dispensed to the best candidate with the most similar RX.

Sherman Optical in Edmonds gladly accepts the eyeglasses for the Lions Club. In fact, Mike, the owner has done many mission trips to Jamaica with several other Ophthalmologists, Optometrists and Opticians.

They usually set up clinic in a rural area where getting eyewear is unlikely. Eyewear can cost up to a year’s wage in many cases.

During one week in Jamaica, up to 3,000 people can be helped and fitted with eyewear. The gratitude and thanks they give are amazing, and the glasses do wonders for the people they go to, not only in Jamaica but throughout the world. Please consider donating your unwanted eyewear.

A complete list to donate in Edmonds can be found at www.edmondslions.org or stop by Sherman Optical, family owned and operated since 1939! 21616 76th Ave. W., Suite 106,  Edmonds. 425-771-8226. www.shermanoptical.com

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