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Sponsored Brief: What makes a high quality eyeglass frame actually ‘High Quality’?

Sep 20, 2018

There are two basic types of frames, metal and plastic. But metal isn’t just metal, and not all plastics are created equal.

There are about a half dozen different metals, ranging from the very common Monel to the exotic Titanium and Beryllium.  There are pros and cons to each.

Monel is affordable and widely available in different colors and styles.  It’s also fairly durable but can fall out of adjustment more easily.

Titanium is super light and very strong.  It holds an adjustment well, but is more expensive and not available in as many styles.

There are two main ways of making plastic for frames.  The first is hand-poured, and then the frame is cut out of a block or sheet (block cut acetate).  The other is machine-made, and injected molded (mass produced).  There are combos in between, so it’s not black and white.

Mazzuchelli makes the finest handmade acetate (plastic) in the world at their plants in France and Italy, with a secret formula.  They also do machine made plastics at two plants in China.

Our brand new frame line, ‘Traction,’ is crafted in France from Italian Mazzuchelli.  Each batch of acetate is cured for at least six months before being worked.  Come by our office in Edmonds Medial Plaza and take a look, and you’ll see the quality.

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