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Sponsored Brief: Garbage disposal holiday usage tips

Nov 28, 2018

During the holidays, there’s lots of time spent making and cleaning up after big meals. The added volume can clog your kitchen drain. Here’s a few tips from Apollo Plumbing to keep it from happening to you.

Don’t pour grease or cooking oil down your drain. When it cools, it will solidify, blocking the drainpipe. Pour it into a tin can. Then let it cool.

When putting food waste in the disposal, it’s best to grind them up as soon as they go in rather than wait until the disposal is full. Remember to turn on your water faucet and run it down the drain as the disposal is operating.

If you do have a plumbing problem, the skilled technicians at Apollo Plumbing are ready to help, no matter the day or the time. Call 425-387-1507 or go to ApolloPlumbing.net.

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