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Sponsored Brief: A day women in Edmonds are craving

Oct 04, 2018

“ I just need to carve out time for myself.”

“ Life is so busy that I often forget to connect with my playful side.”

“I’ve been meaning to get back to doing art for years.”

“I have heard about the benefits of mindfulness for anxiety reduction.”

These are some examples women give for why they decide to spend a whole Friday at the Release™ retreat in Edmonds. Release™ is a powerful day for women to explore mindfulness, meditation, journal reflection and playful art creation.

This special day brings together women at different stages in life, all for their own unique reasons, but with the common goal of feeding their individual cravings.

There are currently four spaces left for Friday, Oct. 19. Register at https://deepercravings.com/release/ or call (425) 420-8087.

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