Sooooweeee-t memories of yesteryear

By John Pierre | Oct 24, 2013

We just held a big garage sale and, thanks to the hard work of my son, John Jr, we experienced a modest amount of success.

His family is from Eastern Washington where most of the farmers from our state live.  I admire the farmer attitude that says if you work hard and eat heartily, you'll probably remain healthy for a good number of years.

Farmers tend to work many hours a day in order to tend to crops and the various animals entrusted to their care.  Some of these animals are sold to processing plants, and others end up on the farmer's dinner table.

Some, of course, supply the daily production of eggs and milk.   Then, there are those, such as dogs and cats, that are simply part of the family.

The usual diet for a farmer is comprised of meat, potatoes and beans.  Additionally, lots of corn-on-the-cob is part of the repast during the season, and these staples often contribute to a long and happy life.

Sadly, Edmonds has very few farmers.  There are, of course, some who grow a small garden for the needy, and then there's Bill (the man who runs around the waterfront in his cutoffs while he is bare from the waste up and with no shoes) who grows corn and other edibles on the arched roof of his house.

But other than those few exceptions, farming is from days gone by in our delightful city on the shores of Puget Sound.

I was kind of a farm kid, though we only had an acre or two that could be planted, and my only involvement in that was that I was sent out to hoe the corn when I was being "bad."

We usually had a cow for our whole milk and, when they got too old to come fresh, they were somewhat expertly changed into hamburger by my dad and a couple of neighbors who helped out for a portion of the "proceeds."

We pretty much always had a couple of hogs and some chickens.  That was about my closest involvement to the farm life.  The hogs provided some delightful pork meat and, before they were rendered into meat, they did a fantastic job of eliminating blackberry brambles from unwanted areas… roots and all.  Of course we harvested blackberries from other areas.

Yup… meat, potatoes and beans (along with a few veggies) are the staff of life.  Too bad we are hung up on fancy, non-nutritious foods these days.  Sometimes I miss the old days.

Sooooweeee… that's a hog call for those of you who don't know.

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