‘Something fishy’ about revived Edmonds proposed development

Don’t Let it Slide! Committee vows to save Meadowdale Beach Park
By David Allais for Citizens for Greater Norma Beach Neighborhoods | Jul 11, 2013

A proposed Edmonds residential development denied in 2009 due to multiple violations of County building codes related to potential slide and drainage issues has been revived with no substantive changes to the original plan and another hearing is forthcoming.

Snohomish County Planning and Development Hearing Examiner, Barbara Dykes, ruled against the development and denied the application.  She stated that should the application be refilled, a limited scope environmental impact statement would be required.

Examiner Dykes was subsequently dismissed from her post. Resubmission documents filed in September 2010 ignore the need for an Environmental Impact Study.  Citizens for Greater Norma Beach Neighborhoods (CGNBN) (www.cgnbn.org) has been successful in preventing irresponsible over-development of the site at 6716 Fisher Road through legal and other means since the plan was originally submitted in March, 2006.

The 70 homes would be built in an environmentally sensitive, landslide hazard area with steep slopes and wetlands. In addition, 450 significant trees would be removed.

At the 2009 hearing, four experts produced evidence and testified that the impacts to fishery resources and endangered species, including steelhead, and the potential impacts to nearby Meadowdale Beach Park, Lund’s Gulch and adjacent property make the development unsuitable for the 13.27 acres it would occupy.

Hydrologist Dr. Christina Bandaragoda concluded that, “The increased water infiltrating through the hillside poses problems for slope stability.  The increased water overflow from the storm water system poses problems for erosion and pollution control.”

She went on to note that she is, “…concerned that if Seabrook Heights is built as planned, there is a potential risk to occupants of homes built on fill above an unstable land surface that over time, may become increasingly unstable given the proposed infiltration system.  There are good places in Snohomish County for high density development, but this is not one of them.”

Citizens for Greater Norma Beach Neighborhoods and its new campaign, Don’t Let it Slide! Save Meadowdale Beach Park and Salmon, is comprised of a group of concerned individuals who have been working to mitigate negative impacts on Meadowdale Beach Park and wildlife for eight years.

The proposed development (Snohomish County file number 10-107194 SD) is sited on the south side of Fisher Road across from 66th Ave. W.  Much of the 13.27-acre site is sloping, forested land; one third of which slopes downhill with gradients between 33 and 78 percent.

About nine acres of the site’s mature forest is to be clear-cut for construction. There are also wetlands on and adjacent to the site.

The many issues that will be devastating to Meadowdale Park and wildlife, and a private home and property in this known landslide area have not been adequately addressed in the proposal.

The negative environmental impact on the park, wildlife, adjacent home and property could be substantial, with projected negative outcomes confirmed by experts.

With another hearing likely in 2013, it is of utmost importance that Snohomish County Planning and Development demand an official Environmental Impact Study by the developer.

To learn more or become a Party of Record, visit www. http://cgnbn.org or contact David Allais, Chairman, 425-438-2899 x750.

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