Society will be safer

By Beverly Theunis | Nov 01, 2012


John Pierre's gallimaufry of oppositional "arguments" on Initiative Measure 502 is a remarkable demonstration of what in the thinking of "stodgy old timers" is brick-headed about the marijuana issue (or any issue, for that matter): lazy generalizations without a single reference to the hard realities of an extremely important issue.

For instance, Mr. Pierre's "yet to see anyone become stoned" (on liquor at restaurants in Edmonds) is simply one among all his gross over-simplifications, gross in the very face of known drug cartel killings, tragic mule victims, the dark alleys of drug commerce (of which I assume he is aware but yet to see.)

Mr. Pierre's own "mental attitude," characterizing as a "gaggle of do gooders" the societal segment which initiated, and won, non-smoking laws, perfectly bespeaks the bad loser attitude of some who have been outvoted, those who cannot move forward at the behest of compromise, who cannot move on with the times. Legalization of marijuana progresses beyond the stodgy old thinking that keeps society stuck in the muds of an outmoded and malfunctioned status quo.

For my grandchild, for everyone's grandchildren, I want a safer future society wherein marijuana sales are as controlled and under as close scrutiny as liquor sales, at least. Is that not prudent?

For me, it is the core argument among the many that make the case reasonably. To me, it is a no brainer to be voting "yes" on 502.


Beverly Theunis

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