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By Dave Earling, mayor of Edmonds | Jan 07, 2016

Yep, it’s a New Year, and taking a look at how we wound down the previous year is important to many of us. For me, after the budget passed in December and at the conclusion of a very busy year for the city, I promised myself some time to refocus and prepare for 2016.

The day after the budget passed my wife and I headed for Hawaii for 10 days to recharge. Man, did it help!

For me, going somewhere where you know it's going to be "sunny and 82 degrees" is a great refresher. I must admit, warm weather is where I go for a much needed break.

We returned just in time for the holidays, which are an important time for me to see friends and family. I had my daughter, Sarah, her husband and our 4-month-old grandson from Arizona here for a week. In addition, I spent time with the rest of the family.

Beyond the warm weather and family time, when I returned I met with senior staff to let them know we were going to have an ambitious year.

At a recent meeting, I asked each director to each spend five to seven minutes reviewing the sizable departmental project lists and work load we will undertake in 2016.

The coming year is simply going to be remarkable!

Over the next few months, I will ask each director to write a more detailed column of the work his or her department will undertake this year.

We have found that providing more information regarding each department helps the community to better understand the breadth of commitment that staff undertakes each year to help enhance our community.

Below is a very brief overview of the year ahead, with a couple of examples of major initiatives from each department:

Parks and Recreation - Completing the purchase and master planning of the Civic Field and rehabilitation of the fishing pier.

Development Services - Completing the Highway 99 Subarea Plan and dealing with the increasing number of plans and permits indicative of the continuing strong economy.

Public Works - Beginning work on the extensive project at 212th and 76th to improve congestion,

and the installation of trackside warning system at rail crossings at Dayton and Main streets to lessen train noise.

Public Safety - Reinstituting the Street Crimes Unit that was cut during budget reductions several years ago and bringing back a second K9 unit.

Finance - Establishing long-term financial planning and investigating long-term revenue sources to ensure financial stability.

Economic Development and Community Services - Actively seek appropriately scaled development in key locations such as Highway 99 and Westgate, and the completion of the downtown restrooms project.

The previous list only begins to scratch the surface of new and important projects we will undertake this year, to say nothing about the day-to-day normal operations to keep the city humming.

The economy is good, people are working hard, and there is much to accomplish. We are in the midst of a busy city with exciting energy and potential.

I anticipate another good year and look forward to continuing the success.

In closing, let me say how much I look forward to working with the new City Council.

You have elected a new group of fellow citizens who I am convinced will be very engaged, active and will move the community forward.

Happy New Year!


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