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Jun 07, 2018

Sixth and Main was the ‘shopping cart’

I had lived in Edmonds my whole life, 85 years, until I moved to Utah last June.

Your article about Mike McMurray (“A new look for Sixth and Main,” May 3) was very interesting. The building on Sixth and Main was by built by my father, Claude Savage, as the “shopping cart.” It opened Dec. 4, 1954.

Mike’s office in the little house on Fifth Avenue South was built my parents in about 1938. I called Mike and relayed this info, and when I come up in July, we are hoping to meet.

So I am extending my subscription for another year.

Barb McCabe
St. George, Utah


Loves Buster Simpson’s fish

Re: “School’s in session: Famed artist Buster Simpson adds more fish to the Edmonds breakwater,” May 24: Prior to moving from Ballard to Edmonds, I used my Buster Simpson fish art as front-room window coverings.

My neighbors regularly walked by and loved the iridescence of the fish any time of day, and I loved the free-hanging fish while just sitting on the sofa viewing the ever-changing glitter and colors.

At first, Simpson wanted his fish hung outside, and did not approve of my hanging them as window coverings. So my dear friend and then-neighbor, Susi Hussong, and I invited Mr. and Mrs. Simpson, plus other artists, for dinner. Buster told me then that he approved my hanging fish inside.

In Edmonds, I had the fish professionally hung outside, beautifully blowing in the breeze until a wild windstorm took them down To the rescue came my upstairs neighbor, Larry Temple, who nailed the fish to my condo building.

Susi and I recently walked to see Buster Simpson’s new fish installation and agreed that they are a beautiful addition to Edmonds waterfront.

Hats off to Buster Simpson!

Annette Althoff


Grateful for mother’s care

At first glance, I would say that Edmonds Landing is a pretty nicely kept establishment. But what really makes Edmonds Landing are the people inside, and the staff who run the everyday operations of a complex retirement environment.

I never realized what is involved to accommodate several levels of care for such a great community of wonderful people. From the moment you enter the lobby, those at the reception desk have you in their sights and are eager to help.

I have high level of respect for the head nurse, who is responsible for a wonderful staff that manages different levels of help and manages to keep a high standard of care. I can never express the amount of gratitude for all that was done for my mother during her stay at the Landing.

It truly was a education for me during my mothers’ stay, and I am proud of the people that work inside the Landing because they are what makes it a gem.

Barry Johnson



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