Sister City program is a good thing

By Larry Naughten | Apr 11, 2013


Mayor Dave Earling and the Edmonds Sister City (ESC) delegation are in Hekinan, Japan, celebrating the 25th anniversary of the ESC, cultural exchange program.

On 4-5-1988, when Mayor Kobayashi and I signed the official documents, in Hekinan, we did so with the anticipation that this program would be a success and a benefit to the citizens of our cities.

Well, 25 years later, and hundreds of citizen exchanges and personal visits, we can testify that this Sister City program has been a great success.

I am very proud that we established this program, which wasn't easy in the beginning.

The continued success of the ESC must go to the annual support of the cities of Edmonds and Hekinan, especially to the ongoing efforts of our Sister City Commission, who's members have, and are, giving of their time and money, over the past 25 years, to support this ESC program... its a good thing.


Mayor Larry Naughten (RET 84-91)

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Posted by: Kay Vreeland | Apr 11, 2013 14:31

Thank you so much, ret. Mayor Naughten, for reminding us of this history, and do Like our Page (EdmondsSisterCity) on Facebook! So many photos of the most recent Mayor-to-Mayor visit, and the story of the Delegation's week.

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