Silence of the crickets | Letter

Aug 21, 2014

Editor, The Beacon:

A citizens’ committee was recently formed for the purpose of urging our mayor and city council to establish a quiet zone.

The committee evidently feels that train horns are too noisy. What an idiotic useless purpose!

A notice outlining their wishes was taped to our condo door, without securing permission to do so; a probable trespass violation.

These people also have the unmitigated gall to ask Edmonds taxpayers to pay an estimated $300,000 to reduce the train horns.

Trains have been warning citizens for decades of the arrival and departure (a safety measure). What will they ask next?

Stop buzzing of the bees? Chirping of the crickets?

On the bottom of this posted notice was a telephone number. I hesitate to include it in my article as the noise of the phone ringing might disturb them!

If you don’t like trains or horns in Edmonds … move!


René Blumenfeld



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