Serial killer wannabe sentenced to 18 years

By Brian Soergel | Oct 05, 2017

An Edmonds-Woodway High School graduate who said she wanted to be a serial killer was sentenced Tuesday to 18 years in prison for attempted murder.

Amy Caroline Brown, 24, was arrested Jan. 29 after stabbing 29-year-old Nicholas Johnson of Lynnwood with a pocketknife at Rodeo Inn on Highway 99, just north of 208th Street SW in Lynnwood.

According to police records, Brown had no prior felonies or misdemeanors. She graduated from Edmonds-Woodway in 2010 (her yearbook quote: “I reject your reality and substitute my own”) and was in the Explorer Program, which is the school’s in-house alternative high school program.

Students are in both separate classes and integrated into regular ones.

According to court documents, Brown had a history of cutting herself, and was admitted to Swedish Edmonds hospital in 2015 when she was determined to be suicidal. Previously, she had been taken to the hospital after an overdose.

Brown told Snohomish County Superior Court judge Michael Downes that she apologized, but the judge said she had acted on her homicidal thoughts, which was troubling.

According to a police report filed by Lynnwood Police Officer Donald Blakely after the incident, he was in the parking lot of Walgreens on Highway 99 and 208th Street SW shortly after 11 p.m. Jan. 29, where he was investigating a theft. He received a call from dispatch that a man had been stabbed at the hotel and was waiting for assistance inside Walgreens.

Blakely found the victim leaning on the front-counter, fresh blood on his chest. “I’ve been stabbed,” he told the officer, pulling up his shirt and showing fatty tissue exposed from a deep laceration.

When Blakely asked if he knew who stabbed him, the victim said, “Yes, her name was Amy.”

Another officer arrived and headed to the hotel next door, where he soon had a female suspect detained.

The victim told Blakely he had placed an ad on Craigslist, heard back from Brown, and paid for a hotel room. He told police his intent was not to solicit sex, but for friendship and possibly dating.

As the victim and Brown were lying on a bed in the room, Brown allegedly asked him if he was a serial killer, to which he replied, “No.” She then allegedly jumped on top of him and said, “Well, I am a serial killer!” while repeatedly stabbing him in the chest after opening a folded pocketknife.

That knife was later found in her pocket, according to Lynnwood police.

The victim said he tried to push her off, but said her weight made it difficult. He eventually did, and ran to a clerk at the hotel, saying he’d been attacked without provocation. The victim was taken to Swedish Edmonds hospital and, later, Harborview in Seattle, with a punctured left lung.

After Blakely read the suspect her Miranda rights, he asked what happened. She replied, “I’m a loon,” and added that she wanted to become a serial killer and planned to kill the victim with a knife.

She showed little emotion, Blakely reported, and at one point appeared to be more concerned about missing work the following day than facing the consequences of an aggravated assault.

According to K-9 Officer Warren Creech, Brown told him that she had wanted to eat the victim’s heart after killing him. She also said she would leave a note on the victim’s body stating her intent to kill again.

A bumper sticker on what appears to be Brown’s car, which could be seen in a Google Maps photo parked outside her home in Edmonds, read: “I’ve got a perfect body. But it’s in the trunk and beginning to smell.”


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