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Oct 28, 2016

Years ago, when ice still blocked the Northwest Passage and the internet was uppercase, I looked forward to three big events a year: the spring and fall versions of the Seattle Public Library’s gargantuan book sale at Sand Point, and Edmonds’ own library book sale just before Halloween.

I searched the stacks for serendipity.

At first, I’d build my mystery collection at ridiculously cheap prices. Then I’d dig through last year’s nonfiction bestsellers, prices now slashed by more than half. Much more.

Somewhere along the way, I stopped going to the Sand Point sales. Like most book lovers these days, if I really wanted a book, I’d order it through Amazon, or shop at Edmonds Bookshop or used bookstores in the area.

I even checked out library books. Yes, I’m one of those.

But, throughout the years, I always managed to visit the Friends of the Library book sale at the Frances Anderson Center. The last few years, I haven’t been able to find much to take home. But you just never know – last year I found a ridiculously retro ukulele instruction book with some great transcriptions of Hawaiian songs. A couple of travel narratives.

If you desire a Van Halen CD from the 1980s, you could probably find it there.

It helps that the sale is on Main Street. It’s close, and I want to support the Edmonds Library.

A few months ago, the Friends sent out a news release, saying it was on the verge of disbanding. It needed volunteers and leadership. If not, the book sale could be canceled.

It turns out that volunteers did indeed step forward.

The book sale is on.

If you miss Friday’s preview for members (you can sign up that night) or Saturday’s main sale, you can still support the library by buying books, magazines and CDs from the library’s regular used book section.

Just don’t buy the New Yorker magazines. They’re a bargain at 25 cents, and I like to pick them up.

It’ll be our secret.





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