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Mar 21, 2018

School shootings: We can all do more to help

We are all so deeply touched over school shootings and want changes to prevent more.

There is so much controversy about the causes. There sure seems to be some action that can be taken with gun control and background checks. But the mental and emotional struggles some young people are dealing with are big issues that we, in society, each need to be involved in and be ready to help.

I wonder sometimes about the family that overhears aggressive threats coming from troubled kids. We all should be more aware and involved in our daily lives, reaching out to the needful with an invitation to a support group, or just a listening ear.

I work with a support group in Edmonds, and have seen many lives recovered and restored by outreach and caring.

We can all have a part in our community to help the needful and struggling.

Linda Danielson


Speeders make 218th St. SW dangerous

I have lived at 7816 218th St. SW for seven years, and have notified the Edmonds police yearly of excessive speeding starting at 80th Avenue West going eastbound on 218th.

Speeders pass my driveway constantly throughout the day well in excess of 10 mph over the 25 mph limit. In the morning hours, Monday through Friday, I would say well over 50 percent of drivers are in excess of 10 mph over the limit as they pass my driveway.

Not only is it dangerous to exit my home, neighbors’ driveways and cross streets, but there are pedestrians, children and pets threatened by the same speeders day after day. Sidewalks are nonexistent on both sides of the street between 80th and 78th.

These speeders not only flip off people working on their yards next to the street, but accelerate when people wave them to slow down.

This needs to be addressed with a lower limit, speed bumps, stop signs, local traffic only, roundabouts or all of the above. Weekly, I remove empty bottles of beer and alcohol, along with multitudes of garbage discarded by passing vehicles.

The electronic speed limit signs put up for monitoring uphill westbound traffic do not represent the danger of the southbound traffic. I would be interested in how many citations have been issued on this street annually as I rarely see police cars though I have offered yearly to allow them to park in my hidden driveway to observe the violations.

I am retired and see literally dozens of violations per hour daily. There are motorcycle races that occur during the good-weather months.

Please address this public nuisance and dangerous situation before a tragic situation occurs. What can I do to insure this unsafe situation is addressed immediately? The last time I sent an email to the City Council I received no response.

Kevin Cyphers


From Public Works Director Phil Williams: The portion of 218th Street SW from 76th Avenue West to 80th Avenue West identified by Mr. Cyphers will be included in a 2018 traffic calming program evaluation. Another evaluation was also requested this year along 218th from 92nd Avenue West to 84th Avenue West. The two sections of 218th are considered separate since there are stop signs at 84th and 80th.

The city will conduct a speed study on these streets and, if the evaluation shows these locations meet our criteria for traffic calming, we will then identify the most cost effective remedy to address the problem.


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