School grounds need attention | Letter

Jun 05, 2014

Editor, The Beacon:

After walking and driving past our local Edmonds schools, I find the landscape condition and maintenance appalling.

I ask the question, “How can this be?” with passages of two recent levies, and record payments to the Edmonds School District, in our case, $2,800 per year.

The answer is, there is no excuse for the grounds to be in this poor condition. There are many examples to choose from, but Meadowdale Middle School comes to mind.

This school was completely redone at great tax payer expense with new landscaping only to let the new beds become overgrown with weeds, lawn not mowed, and full of clover.

In my opinion, part of the educational experience teaches pride and appearance in your school. The district is currently failing miserably in these criteria.

Please do not tell me that the money comes from another "pot" that is empty. That is not acceptable. Just fix it.

Maintenance and appearance must be a priority for the total educational experience and taxpayer dollars spent.

Mike Murdock



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