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Jan 03, 2018

Scary neighbors

I was stunned and shocked that you printed Susan Pedersen’s letter (“Yes, let’s discuss gun control,” Dec. 21).

To summarize: Republicans stoke hate … promote fear of government … fear of gays, blacks, Asians, Hispanics, sick and disabled, old people, education, religion. She goes on to say Democrats fight for everything just. She ends by saying, “Let us respect the rights of all Americans.”

Wow. Does she really think that’s possible after the hate-filled venom she spews? Scary to have neighbors like this.

Bernard Lo


Tough love in the Beacon

Wow! Talk about tough love! Thank you, Susan, for the enlightenment.

I just didn't realize how evil and despicable we dastardly Republicans are. I can assure you that I, for one, am going to not allow myself to believe that you are a serious person writing your true beliefs, because if that were the case, it would make you a complete nut job.

Therefore, I'm going to believe that this is your attempt to illustrate absurdity by being absurd. In that you have succeeded. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Adrian Shaw


All citizens needs guns, even machine guns

I fear an insane person with a gun as much as you do.

When I was fairly young, my family informed me of the horrors of the Nazi's murdering millions of unarmed Jewish people. It was hard to believe. But it was true.

I have no family to go visit in Europe now because of that. If you're not familiar with the details of what happened, you can read about it or watch it on TV.

But I may be different, because I also consider that maybe some day another madman leader may gain power like Hitler did, yes even in the USA. And suddenly order the mass murder of innocents.

So I want all citizens, who choose to, be armed with guns, guns and more guns. Yes, even machine guns. Because I feel better knowing if our government decides one day that the "ultimate solution" is to murder one certain type of American, then we citizens will be equally armed to fight back.

Who would have believed the German soldiers would obey orders to murder six million people?

Imagine if those six million Jewish people had guns so they could organize and try to defend themselves. But the government had taken away the rights of citizens to bear arms years earlier.

Glenn Steinberg


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