Saying what you mean

By John Pierre | May 16, 2013

Are you as tired of the "politically correct" requirements that we are faced with hour by hour?  It has become thoroughly disgusting in my view.

Some mealy-mouthed politicians are spouting words that are meaningless mostly because of their normal lying tenancies and, further, because of their need to be absolutely politically correct.

You'll never hear a politician refer to one of his or her opponents as a liar.

They will always say something about being "disingenuous" or "being not forthcoming."  What ever happened to "Liar, liar, pants on fire?"

To satisfy the politically correct police, should that be changed to "Disingenuous, disingenuous, 100 percent cotton trousers enkindled?"

There is even an attempt by a small but very vocal bunch of malcontents to change the name of the Washington Redskins football team to something claimed to be less offensive to Indians.

I was raised for a period of time next to the Nisqually Valley tribe.

We studied together, played sports together and (while the reference rarely came up) they referred to themselves as Indians not Native Americans.

I know of no Indians who demand to be referred to as Native Americans.  Only the politically correct activists insist on that.

Are you aware that there is a group hoping to change "Columbus Day" to "Exploration Day" or, better yet, "Indigenous People's Day?  As John Dillinger would have said,  "It is an exercise in futility."

Now "retarded" has been labeled as an unacceptable word.  There was a time when I was involved with the ARC (Association for Retarded Citizens) and during my tenure with the organization (a few years as President) I was the only volunteer who was not a parent of a retarded person.

We spent a lot of volunteer hours raising substantial funding for the finding of meaningful employment and decent housing for the retarded and to promote the education of those who would become involved with retarded people.

None of these parents objected to the word "retarded."  They were simply grateful for the efforts on their behalf.

Yet the politically correctivites are stumbling around trying to find a word or words more acceptable to them.

Why, after all, should we allow our language to be modified because of the slur "tard" shouted by some waddling punk who is wearing his pants down below his underwear?

Will the word "dog" soon become a "no no?"  Will "canine" remain acceptable?  Would a dog be less offended if it was called a "native canine?"  Oh ... I forgot ... that won't happen because there is no activist group interested ... so far.

I leave you with this thought ... being offended by the word "writer" ... this person, henceforth, insists on being called a "librettist."  Yea verily!


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