Sandwich boards can have a place downtown

Jan 16, 2014


Residents of Edmonds:  Would you like to reside in Edmonds as a suburb – clean, stale, no character? Or would you like to live in an Edmonds that is pulsating life, because of innovative small businesses that do their utmost to attract people coming to downtown and help to make it thrive?

One of the affordable, but colorful forms of advertising for retail businesses are sandwich boards. Sandwich boards can be fun; they are like actors on a sidewalk, and they communicate "WE ARE OPEN FOR YOU!"  Isn't that what we want for Edmonds?

While I would prefer European signage: blacksmith iron-carved logos with gold leaf, attached to the outside walls of businesses, I do realize that I live in another environment and culture. So I have come around to enjoy the march of the A-frames along our business sidewalks.

However, I do agree with Veronica McGowan – there has to be enough space for pedestrians and wheelchair people to be able to move along without blocking problems.

Barbara Mercer

Edmonds Frame Design & Atelier


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