Sand Sculpting Contest: Titanic, iceberg and all that Pazzaz

Jul 31, 2017
Courtesy of: Tammy Rankins Sand Boat Pazzaz was created  Isaac Nelson, Sylvie Nelson and Ellery Nelson from Kirkland.

More than 200 people gathered at Marina Beach in Edmonds Tuesday, July 25, for the annual Sand Sculpting contest. The sunny and hot morning drew families, friends, adults and lots of kids.

Participants arrived at 10 a.m. and signed up for one of the three categories – children’s for ages 14 and under with no adult help; family for groups with adults; and daycamp/large group category for day camps and large groups.

The three volunteer judges were Mayor Dave Earling, Edmonds Boys & Girls Club Unit Director Brandi Loveless and city of Edmonds Economic Development Commissioner Jamie Reece.

Nine bucket awards were given to the top three creations in each category.

The bucket awards were colorful sand castle buckets filled with saltwater taffy donated by the event sponsor, Pat McKee.

Bucket Award winners:

Children’s category: Pazzaz Boat by Isaac Nelson, Sylvie Nelson and Ellery Nelson from Kirkland; Castle Kingdom by Isabella Denison and Jackson Denison from Houston; and Georgia Van Hollebeke and Jude Van Hollebeke from Seattle.

Children’s category (with no adults): Seal on the Beach by Kian Frazier from Edmonds.

Family category: Big Star Fish by Heidi Owen, Sophia Owen, Maddie Owen and Steve Littlefield from Lynnwood; Titanic and Iceberg by Audrey Mitchell, Beth Mitchell, Joseph Mitchell and Mark Thibodeau from Edmonds; It Bites (Big Shark Eating a Person) by Soren Tanberg, Auggie Tanberg and Erica Tanberg from Lynnwood; and Grammie and Pap Moulthrop from Windsor, Connecticut.

Daycamp group: Turtle Town by Cheetos #1 from the Edmonds Boys & Girls Club: Infinity Symbol Castle Town by Starfish #1 from the Edmonds Boys & Girls Club; The Land of a Thousand Tunnels by Starfish #2 from the Edmonds Boys & Girls Club.








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