'Running the race of life': King’s High School graduates look toward the future

By Makenna Dreher | Jun 19, 2019
Photo by: Makenna Dreher Robin Cheung, King's High School valedictorian, gives a speech focused on perseverance.

“No, coach. I got one more.”

That was the mantra of a speech given by King’s High School valedictorian Robin Cheung at the 68th annual King’s High School Commencement Ceremony June 14.

Cheung described his first day of soccer tryouts freshman year, and his attempt to run two miles in 14 minutes.

Although extremely difficult for him as he said he had never tried a sport before, Cheung ended up finishing the two miles, with help from a fellow classmate.

With multiple laughs from the crowd in Westgate Chapel, Cheung’s speech was the second valedictory address out of three, and focused on perseverance.

“Perseverance is not just a solo act,” Cheung said, as he gave credit to a peer for giving him the strength to finish the two miles.

Valedictorian Adair Rosenau focused on preparation, and valedictorian Jason Labusky finished the student addresses with an emphasis on purpose in “running the race of life.”

Debbie Amble, who has taught Bible studies at King’s High School for 36 years, followed with an emotional commencement address to the graduating class of 2019.

Amble touched on the pursuit of life’s promise, where she spoke on the future and purpose for the graduating class. With a few tearful moments, Amble recounted some of the memories she had with graduating students over the four years of teaching them.

“Because you are both a very inquisitive and verbal class, I have thoroughly enjoyed our many discussions about life, death, heaven, hell, sin, the Trinity, our purpose, and a myriad of others,” she said.

Amble touched on the theme of the night by explaining how life is a marathon, and how the starting line for the adult portion is graduation.

“You know me and you know my love for you,” she said. “Thus, you know that my prayer and hope for each of you as you prepare to run the marathon God has specifically designed for you, by persevering with purpose so that you may both know and enjoy the unique future and hope he has for you, both now and for eternity.”

Amble finished by thanking the class of 2019 for running the last four years of her own marathon with her.

As each of the 97 students crossed the stage to accept their diplomas, Principal Bob Ruhlman and Academic Dean Corrine Nield read how long each student attended King’s Schools, and plans for college and future work.

Salutatorian Caroline Kulits was also honored in the program

Jacinta Tegman, CEO of CRISTA Ministries, gave the closing prayer after the graduating class tossed their caps in the air.



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